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There is Nothing Dishonorable in Reporting Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment cases and allegations have always been a hot topic in the news and on social media, yet often times sexual harassment is downplayed depending on who committed the harassment. Sexual harassment, whether it is overt or covert, leaves the victim feeling devalued, misunderstood and with low self-esteem. Despite federal law that protects against sexual harassment, a victim of sexual harassment shouldn't have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he/she was harassed simply because the harasser is powerful or a celebrity. Victims who reported sexual harassment should be taken seriously. Women in particular, who reported sexual harassment long after the harassment happened, are often left to feel dis-empowered because of bias accusations and harsh statements such as:

  • She caused the harassment because of her own actions

  • She could have avoided or stopped the harassment at any time

  • She condoned the behavior at the time it occurred and should not grumble about it afterwards

  • She initiated the harassment by putting herself into a situation

  • She dresses too provocatively

These ridiculous statements demoralize women while the harasser gets a pat on the back for “bad behavior”. The problem is societal norms and old beliefs about women that "somewhat" brained-washed people into thinking that men, who sexually harassed women, are displaying “normal” behavior. For those men, societal norms foster a superficial superiority over women, which allows the harassment to happen effortlessly; thus freeing them “mentally” of any wrongdoing.

The argument I am making is that women have a right to report sexual harassment when they feel comfortable enough to report the harassment. And there should not be a time limit or a statute of limitation on reporting sexual harassment. Furthermore, victims should not feel guilty exposing the perpetrator, regardless of his/her power and status, because there is nothing dishonorable in reporting sexual harassment.