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Donald Trump complimented Hillary Clinton: “She doesn’t quit and she doesn’t give up. I respect tha

Does Donald Trump sincerely respect Hillary Clinton for not quitting and not giving up or did he expect she would have coward under the pressure of the Presidential Debate?

Based on Mr. Trump’s continuing rants on Twitter and other social media, I contend that he has absolutely no “respect” for Hillary simply because she is a woman. Quite frankly, Donald Trump is seeing Hillary Clinton as the powerful woman she is, for the first time or with fresh eyes, and he is extremely uncomfortable with the experience. My advice to Mr. Trump is to stop being blind to the fact that women are revolutionizing themselves and rising up as powerful leaders. In 2016 Forbes reported women in the following categories: 11 Billionaires, 32 CEOs, 5 Political leaders and 12 World Leaders. These statistics demonstrate that women are more powerful than you imagine, and it is time for you, Mr. Trump to dispel your deep-rooted belief that women are not suitable for high-ranking leadership roles.

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