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Dr. Heather Waitman

Women Unlearning Norms (WUN) is a consulting business created by Dr. Heather Waitman.  Inspired by years of research on women who are under-represented in leadership positions in organizations worldwide, Dr. Waitman provides valuable information through Zoom meetings and webinars that help women, men, and business leaders see women with “Fresh Eyes”.  WUN’s primary focus is to “Revolutionize Women”.  WUN shares valuable information about some of the most powerful global women in business and in other arenas to illustrate how women are unlearning norms and revolutionizing themselves.

WUN maintains that women are more powerful than they could ever imagine, and maximizing their talents will bring endless opportunities and possibilities to organizations globally. WUN also provides techniques to help women, men and business leaders to identify, acknowledge, and unlearn norms regarding women.  WUN strives for transformative change in traditional thinking and beliefs in order to make known the “deeper dimension” of women’s skills and talents.  Organizations that champion women will see increasing profit margins, higher levels of performance, and increased productivity.

Dr. Heather Waitman is the founder of Women Unlearning Norms.  She served as the Senior Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Workforce Management at a large nonprofit organization for 16 years, and as an Adjunct Professor at Long Island University and Dominican College in New York.




WUN is committed to giving women around the world a vision of endless opportunities and possibilities, by allowing them to see with “Fresh Eyes” how POWERFUL they are in business and other arenas. WUN believes that when women, men, and business leaders unlearn norms about women worldwide, they will no longer be blind to the rich value and endless talent women possess. 

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