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Why are people shocked every time Donald Trump degrades or insults a woman?


In 2005 Donald Trump bragged about “kissing, groping and trying to have sex with women”. Personally I find Mr. Trump's behavior nauseating, but not shocking, simply because he is Donald Trump. So what else can we expect from Mr. Trump? I predict more offensive and intolerable behavior even if he becomes President. Why? Because for decades a man has been allowed to treat a woman as nothing more than a seductress, and a woman has been taught to be bias towards rich and powerful men. This explains why none of the women came forward publicly with their stories until now. Donald Trump's behavior cannot be ignored so it is extremely important for women and men to speak out against his lewd and unlawful behavior. We as a nation have to send a powerful message to Mr. Trump that his behavior is not acceptable, will not be tolerated or justified as "Locker Room Banter". Now is the time to begin a process of unlearning societal norms about women that cause Donald Trump to treat women as, in his terms, disgusting human beings".

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