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The Value of Diversity in Leadership: Why Black Leaders are Critical for Business Success

Recently I had the opportunity to talk about Leading While Black and Overcoming Challenges and Blindspots in Leadership. First, I want to thank the New York Urban League for inviting me to speak and for sharing the platform with Marsha Bonner, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Practitioner and Empowerment Speaker and Sean Woodroffe, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer of TIAA. I would like to highlight one of the many important statements I made during my speech, that is, organizations are blind to the talents and innovativeness of black people. Black people have an innate ability to compete and win and that winning state of mind is not only demonstrated in sports but everything they do. Promoting and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations is more important than ever before. Organizations that are blind to the value of diversity in leadership will continue to lead blind, lose the war on talent, and trail behind their competitors.

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