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There is an appeal to drug test powerful and ambitious women, who stand their ground and challenge m

Business-minded women continue to be victims of societal norms. Every time a woman speaks out, whether it is in a business meeting, the corporate suite, negotiations, or a political campaign, she is criticized and told that she is too aggressive, too bossy, too bitchy, acts masculine, or has a nasty attitude. But never has a man demanded a drug test for a woman who is smarter than him until recently. Is this the type of tactics a man is willing to use whenever he is outperformed by a woman? Well I declare, “Women are prepared for the battle”! Women have no desire to “dumb down” their skills, they will not be silenced, and they will not finesse their tone of voice to avoid being a victim of societal norms that foster extreme hostility and criticism of business-minded women.

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