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Women Are Ousting Men From Powerful Positions In Powerful Corporations

A woman is not just a pretty face. Women are more powerful than you could ever imagine and their skills and talents are being unveiled in a hurry. Four percent of CEO positions in S & P companies are held by women. But many CEO positions held by women are in powerful corporations. Women occupy male-dominated seats at Lockheed Martin, General Motors, IBM, Xerox, Hewlett Packard, General Dynamics, Duke Energy, Graybar Electric, Key Corp, Pepsi, Yahoo, and Sam’s Club, to name a few. As a result, women should no longer be categorized as the “runner up” against their male counterparts. Instead, they should be considered “favorites” to lead global and domestic corporations.

Though corporations seem to be striving for transformative change in leadership, their male leaders need to wake up from the deep coma that is keeping them unconscious of the financial contributions and value women bring to organizations. Being conscious of women’s unprecedented business acumen is good for organizations. Women’s authentic built-in mentorship ability also increases human capital performance and productivity. Organizations that want to succeed will no longer default men to CEO positions in organizations. The publicized evidence that women leading powerful corporation are doing their jobs equal to or better than men should validate why corporations should consider women as favorites to lead at the top.

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