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America May Not Be Ready for a Woman to Be Commander and Chief of the Most Powerful Country in the W

After a long and ruthless presidential race against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election. Based on the higher number of electoral votes Trump received, there is contention that Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the presidential race to Donald Trump because Trump was the best qualified candidate for President, but because the American people were not ready for a woman to be Commander and Chief of the most power country in the world. Donald Trump’s victory is more about the fear many American people have about a “woman” leading a powerful country, rather than Hillary Clinton’s authentic ability to lead that country.

In retrospect, Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency should speak piercingly to women all over the world and command an unveiling of women’s talents and skills. Hillary Clinton demonstrated strength, determination, and an unwavering fierceness in the pursuit for presidency. Clinton never backed down and never got uncomfortable even when people thought she might succumb to Trump’s rampage.

Women should replicate Hillary Clinton’s power-driven attitude. Women should no longer tolerate being told that women are weak, passive, timid, and too soft-spoken to be leaders, which are common stereotypes that should be put to rest forever. Women are being urged to trust and champion other women who no longer live fearful of power and success.

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